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Gates Barriers


Gate Barriers
Gate barriers are commonly found in public spaces, specifically in parking areas of multiple indoor establishments such as hotels, malls, upermarkets, and industrial buildings. At times they can also be used in toll booths in highways. These areas need to regulate flow of vehicles. They are used in areas such as parking spaces to control the traffic of vehicles entering and exiting the premises. Since they are used to control vehicle transit, they also serve to minimize the possible accidents and injuries brought about by uncontrolled vehicle flows. They also provide security to the establishment. Overall, gate barriers ensure an establishment’s parking management system.

Having a good parking management system has its own merits. Aside from the controlled traffic system it can also serve as monitors to record every vehicle that entered the premise of the establishment. They can be easily adjusted depending on the site requirements, and with the best quality of gate barriers such as BFT you can expect that it will be durable and are made of the best quality available. BFT Gate Barriers is known as one of the world’s top leading brands of gate barriers, and, at Key Automation, we offer it at a reasonable and cost-efficient price.

Installing gate barriers have a lot of considerations since they can be applied in numerous areas. Gate barriers used in malls may not be ideal for those in highways. Other consideration is the installations itself. Key Automation is one of the leading companies in Dubai, United Arab Emirates that offer the best and cost-effective solutions to different gate barrier procurement and installations in the UAE.
Our company offers numerous Gate Barrier brands available including BFT that can meet the performance expectations at the best quality. With our experienced and trained team, Key Automation can provide a tailored-fit solutions to our clients.


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