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Garage Doors


Key automation Dubai Company has a range collection of Roll Up Garage Doors includes Steel Garage Doors, Custom Wood Garage Doors and Glass garage doors, Carriage House Doors, Vinyl. It is the best solution for you if you are searching for a “Coach House” which gives you a vintage type of home and elegance.  Our Garage doors are affordable with many choices. 

The Roll-Up residential garage doors are secure, safe with dependable operation, and come in attractive designs. The Roll-Up residential garage doors will be more than an asset for your life, which completes your home with improved safety features.

Industrial Overhead Doors are entirely made of a three-layer sandwich model with inner and outer galvanized steel that provides consistency and strength. It is reliable in performance and has an insulated sectional steel-back door that is the best solution for industrial and commercial applications. The Garage doors or Overhead Door Openers are very convenient provides sophisticated design and accessory point features.

Garage Doors are large, usually electronic, doors that serves as a passageway for automobiles. Since they serve as entryways for different vehicles, garage doors should accommodate the size of the vehicles owned. These doors also contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of your homes and canhighly improve their utility and functionality.
Garage doors comes in different shapes and sizes. The first consideration is the physical constraints present in requiring a garage door. The available space, and how large are the vehicles that it should be able to house are only some of the physical limitations and design considerations. The way how the garage doors should open should also be addressed. Is there enough space for the garage doors to open inwards and outwards, or would it be better for the garage door to open using an automatic sliding mechanism? Another would be the type of material to be used for the garage doors. Garage doors can be made of composite materials, steel panels, or even glass. Some garage doors are even insulated. The color of the garage door may be a trivial matter, but it also contributes highly since darker colors can absorb more heat which can affect the temperatures of the entire garage itself especially during hotter seasons. The list of things to consider goes on, and it takes a highly professional and experienced team to properly addressed and give a creative, and ingenuine solution to different garage door problems.
Key Automation is one of the leading companies in providing safe and accessible garage doors. We offer different premium-quality garage doors of different sizes, designs, and brands which are not only durable, but also stylish in their own unique ways. You can expect our expertise and knowledge in installing and providing garage door solutions that you need in a cost-effective price.


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