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Automatic Gates


Automatic Gates or Electric Remote Gates
Key Automation has dealt and addressed numerous automatic gates needs in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Our company has a highly technical and proficient team for planning and installing automatic gates in different establishments. There are different types of electric remote gates that can be encountered as such it takes knowledge and skill to properly apply which automatic gate system should be implemented may it be for residential or commercial areas.
Automatic Sliding Gates are used mostly in residential spaces. The key advantage of sliding gates is that it can maximize the limited available space of the driveway of the residential areas. It is also better to incorporate automatic sliding gates, when the area or path is positioned in a slope.
Automatic Swing Gates are also mostly used in residential areas. These gates open inwards or outwards compared to the sliding gates which rely on sliding mechanisms. Sliding gates would take up space since the area of which the gated need to open should also be accounted, and they are highly unfit if the driveway is in a sloped area. The main advantage of swing gates, however, is that it is relatively
cheaper and easier to install than sliding gates.
Automatic Road Barriers, on the other hand, is mostly used in public spaces. They are used in pedestrian streets, gates of important establishments such as military facility, banks, and schools, and lastly, they can be used in expressways. Road barriers are mostly used as roadblock to control or restrict vehicle traffic while ensuring uninterrupted flow. There are a lot of considerations needed to choose which automatic gate would be best, but trust that the expertise of Key Automation can give you the needed satisfaction you desire in solving your
automatic gates needs.

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