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Automatic Doors


Automatic Doors

Automatic doors have been a great technological installment in different establishments. Airports, malls, educational institutions, and railway stations are some areas of which have integrated automatic doors. Since these doors operate automatically, they are ideal in situations wherein the usage of hands is lessened.
Different establishments would actually benefit with a handless interaction with a door. In different warehouses where loading and unloading is present, automatic doors are essential since it eases the workflow. In public spaces, automatic doors allow two-way traffic flow of people entering the building. Additionally, it provides accessibility catering to different demographic of people such as people with disabilities. And in homes, automatic doors can be integrated in garage doors. Imagine having to open your garage doors manually every single time you use it. With garage doors, the work placed on its users would be lessen bringing convenience, and ease of us. It also lessens the possible occurrence of injuries of operating a manual door. This is ideal and suitable for institutions like schools of which children might encounter this unwanted hazard.
Automatic doors also bring additional aesthetics to the institution. It gives a modern vibe to the establishment, and it makes it more appealing. More and more buildings are incorporating automatic doors since these doors are easy to maintain and are a cost effective investment. Although it might be simple to choose an automatic door based on its design, there are a lot of factors that needs to consider to ensure that the automatic door will be maximized when it is providing its intended function.
Whatever your automatic door needs you may have, may it be for public spaces, warehouses, business offices, or garage doors, Key Automation can provide you the highest quality of service for your different automatic door needs.


The Automatic Swing Door is imperative when the manual operation is very difficult or inflexible. It comes up with a modern and trendy design that is reliable and secure.


telescope sliding door is beneficial in tight spaces where it utilizes the limited space efficiently. It includes an extra sliding door active leaf; the telescopic sliding door lets you gain an additional comfortable opening. 

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